“I have been doing Pilates for almost 7 years. Even though I am disabled it has helped me so much. I am so grateful for the adaptions that the teachers are able to do for me e.g. alternative to kneeling.  I have had three different teachers and they have all kindly ensured I have exercises that are within my limited abilities, but stretch me.   Thanks and keep up the good work Alison! “


“I love my Pilates classes which I started after being referred by Mr Butcher (Physiotherapist), who I was seeing for a recurring low back issue and if I did my exercises my back was fine. The weekly Pilates class makes me work the core muscles that keep my back supported, strong and therefore pain free!”


“ Mr Butcher the Physio is amazing, don’t go anywhere else he will put you right”


“I started Pilates because I have two small children one of whom has special needs. I have to do a lot of care involving lifting and carrying. The Pilates has made me stronger and the caring is a lot easier. I have less back ache in the year (and a flatter tummy) I’ve been coming! It has been brilliant thank you.”


“Everyone at The Body Junction is friendly and helpful and supportive, working together as a team to give you the best they can. Its been wonderful for me.. go on, give it a go !”


“I have been doing Pilates classes with Charlotte and the team at The Body Junction for several years now.  The teaching is excellent with caring and motivating teachers.  I would recommend it!”

I have been to a few classes and none compare to the knowledge and hands on teaching @ the body junction.


“The Body Junction in Bexhill was the brainchild of Charlotte Farrant.  And what a gem it is.

Over the years in a quest to get fitter and alleviate my back problems I have visited physiotherapists, Pilates teachers, massage therapists, aromatherapists and even a Reiki healer.  I joined a Gym and swam regularly.  Every treatment meant lots of driving around the area – not good for my back.

To find all these therapies in one location is a first for Bexhill.  I can now get all my therapies at the Body Junction, chiropody and so many more treatments.

All the other venues I have been to made me feel like a number not a person and that is what is so special about the Body Junction.  Every member of staff really cares, from my first call to the girls on Reception, to seeing my therapist.  Yes there are lots of people like me, that come along, who feel reticent about joining a health club/gym.  This is NOT a health club/gym but makes you feel good.  This is SO different.  Go and visit the Body Junction.

I must say that Peter Butcher, Physiotherapist is my lifeline and many many thanks to him as I now can walk my dog, travel the world and I’ve ended my search with the Body Junction which has given me a new lease of life.

Hilary, Bexhill